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War on Orkut Spam

It has been ages since I read a mail in my Orkut inbox as it is filled with thousands of spam messages from different communities. And, today I reached a landmark of 10 000 unread messages in my Orkut inbox.

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Siggh!…. isnt this an achievement, though I missed a lot of ‘valuable‘ mails from my Orkut friends. From this link, I think Orkut spamming is not a new thing. Off late I have started my fight against the spammers in Orkut. A fight to wipe out spammers, fake profiles and anti-socials from this mighty social networking site. Well, first of all I should admit, this wont be a complete success in the end. Spammers will come up with new ways (for sure), but by doing what I am going to tell you now, will restrict one way to spam.

From my observations, what I felt is spam mails usually come from those communities which are abandoned by owners, especially those from the countries like Iran and UAE where Orkut is banned. Not from all communities though, only from those communities where “Send Message” is enabled. It is a useless option, maybe the only use is SPAMMING.

Orkut had taken action against spammers, by asking them to enter the code from a Captcha Image (UPDATE:- read this too,), whenever it detects a link in your scrap or message. It also occurs when you scrap someone who is not a friend of yours after a fixed number of scraps. And, also the ‘Send Message’ feature is automatically disabled when the member count of a community goes above 1000.

Even then, the spammers reign the lovely world of Orkut. As I told earlier, I started my Operation against spam. Started sending Alert! scraps to those community owners from where spam mails originate. And, yeah some community members welcomed my suggestion and thanked, where as one guy was irritated and flamed me for sending orders!!!

I would like you people, who are the proud members of Orkut to do what I did, so as to save this beautiful social networking site from the hands of bloody spammers. Just report the Owner of that particular community to switch off this ‘useless’ feature and save your inbox from the heavy spam.

If “So, what will I gain if I do this?” is what you just thought, you are gaining a lot. Following are few of those gains,

  1. Less spam mails means, less server activity. Meaning you will get less “Bad bad server, no donut for you” messages.
  2. Obviously, you can use your Orkut mail-box more efficiently for personal communication.
  3. You won’t get a shock when you see ‘well-dressed’ girls in your mail-box. (a shock only when your girl friend/boss/parents/co-worker is near you)

If you are a community owner, make sure your community is spam free by following these steps,

  1. The hardest, but the MOST EFFECTIVE WAY. Make the community MODERATED. And, deny entry to spammers. Spammers can be identified easily from their profile and/or profile name. Usually, these people use an automated way of registration using specially made software. So, these ‘specially-made-spam-profiles’ will have a large number of communities, very few or no friends, no profile picture, if having a profile picture it will be of a damn beautiful lady often ‘well-dressed‘, very few details on the profile. But this method is really cumbersome and will definitely affect the member count.
  2. The easiest, but also effective method is to TURN OFF the messaging option. But, as the owner of the community, you will have the right to message the members (and that doesn’t mean you have the right to spam 😛 ). This is how to turn off the spam. Goto your Community –> Locate and click ‘Edit Profile’ –> Check the 5th entry there, ‘Messaging’, click the radio button ‘off – do not allow members to send messages’  to turn it OFF. Keep in mind that only community owner can change these settings.

I prefer the first method, because it allows you to control the spam inside the community too. And, you can keep the ‘Send Message’ feature ON, if you are confident about the members in your community.

I hope all the army factions in Orkut who work for the sake of it will also start working against spam in Orkut.

UPDATE: Read more about Orkut Spamming.

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