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First theme I have ever made for Nokia 6233. It was made using the theme maker tool at zedge.com. Unfortunately they had deleted the creation after one day because the screen-shots were not perfect. I don’t know how to take the screen-shots of the theme (from the phone) or to emulate it or …. . For the same reason, I am not going to post a screen-shot here.

Click here to download the theme file. It should work for phones with similar display (320×240) and make. Know more about Nokia 6233 and related tools from this blog.


1) nazgull who created the Debian Aqua wallpaper – this is used as phone and menu background.

2) Whoever created the Debian logo – this is used as screen-saver. (someone please tell me his/her/their names, I will add it)

3) zedge.com for providing me the tool to create the theme (you don’t deserve it)

Thanks to 2shared.com for keeping the file safe (I hate rapidshare). Hope you won’t delete the file like zedge.com (I don’t find any reason for the same)

Enjoy! and leave a comment. Expecting a lot of reviews.

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