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With immense pleasure, let me announce about the merger of this blog with ഞാന്‍||njaan*. ഞാന്‍||njaan* was started as a Malayalam blog, by ഞാന്‍ – a Malayalam blogger. After the merger (which happened already), ഞാന്‍||njaan* will speak both English and Malayalam. Myself (pR@tz) and ഞാന്‍ will be co-authoring most of the posts at ഞാന്‍||njaan* (both under the same njaan ഞാന്‍||njaan ). We also have two guest authors – amooma and Hari Shanker.

I request all my readers to update the feed subscriptions in their feed readers to the following:-

http://njaan.in/feed – to get all posts irrespective of the language.

http://njaan.in/category/english/feed/ – to subscribe to all English posts.

http://njaan.in/category/Malayalam/feed/ – to subscribe to all Malayalam posts.

*We are yet to decide on the name of the blog, until then the name will be ഞാന്‍||njaan.

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