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What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the practice of claiming or implying original authorship of (or incorporating material from) someone else’s written or creative work, in whole or in part, into one’s own without adequate acknowledgement. Unlike cases of forgery, in which the authenticity of the writing, document, or some other kind of object itself is in question, plagiarism is concerned with the issue of false attribution. – pR@tz

You just saw a demonstration on “how to plagiarize” . That section was taken from a Wikipedia article on plagiarism. Plagiarism is a common phenomenon among the newbie bloggers. But what you are going to read in a few moments will be the best ever example of plagiarism in India.

Few days back it was first noticed by a Malayalam blogger,

This is the second time in history of Malayalam blogosphere that they are dealing with plagiarists. First time it was against the internet giant, Yahoo! and now it is kerals.com.

Really unfortunate, Kerals.com. You did it wrong, right from the beginning and if you are behaving like this, you are really going to pay for it. Lets look how will the law react to Kerals.com, if any of the bloggers take it to the court. The act of plagiarism a punishable criminal offense as per Section 63 of Copyright Act, 1957, India according to which you are punishable for a minimum of 6 months imprisonment and Rs. 50,000 fine and if you are found committing the same crime again you are punishable for 1 year imprisonment and 1 lakh Rupee fine.

He/she/they are gonna be a pauper and going to count the bars for rest of his/her/their if whole of the Malayalam blogger community respond to the issue in their real strength.

Plagiarists can loot your blog too as long as it is online. So start responding, put up a copyright notice now itself. I have made my  blogs available to public using Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license which allows anyone to use the contents in my blog wherever they want in any form, but they should attribute the original author (from where they took the content) and pass over the rights they enjoyed to others.

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(6) Content Theft by Kerals.com by അരവിന്ദ് :: aravind

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As I had told earlier in my previous post, I have been blogging for past one year. That was in blogspot (or blogger; which is the latest name, I am not sure). But, have seen the WordPress platform and also tried to install it on a server. I was impressed by this software from the first sight itself. In this post I am trying to enumerate the different features of both WordPress and Blogspot.


  • Good one for newbies. Simple interface to start with.
  • You need to have the assistance from a 3rd party to track the performance of your blog. Note that outbound links will reduce the PR (if you are so concerned about it).
  • Incorporating Google Adsense ads is much easier. I think this was one way by the intelligent Google to attract people to blogspot. The majority of income from a click on an ads goes to Google and we, the publishers get peanuts.
  • Comment notification by e-mail is just another useful utility in Blogspot. And this feature was used extensively by Malayalam comment aggregators like ‘Marumozhikal‘ and erstwhile ‘pinmozhikal
  • Labels are a new thing to blogspot users, came with the upgradation to Blogger 2.0
  • The templates available are very few and among them only few looks good and professional.
  • Another feature in Blogspot is to blog through e-mail. By setting a ‘Mail-to-Blogger Address ‘ in blogger settings, you can blog from anywhere using e-mail. This is useful when the blogspot site is inaccessible due to some reason or other (like banning).


  • Even WordPress is manageable for newbies. Except for some controls, I think everything else is ok.
  • Without having a third party software, you get a lot of statistics. Like the referrer URL, number of hits, hits per day etc which help you to track the performance of your blog.
  • You can’t insert Google ads into this version of WordPress. BUT, you can do it, if you install wordpress on your server. This is one place WordPress faces setback. Maybe it is their policy not to entertain Google to earn income at the cost of my (WordPress’s) server space and resources. WordPress will get more users if they allow this. (I am least affected, as Google had banned me from Adsense program for malpractices, he! he! he! he! , “Chathiyan Chanthu” )
  • I am not so sure about any comment notification facility, though I started getting Alert! mails for comment moderation. But, those mails are not as clean as comment notification mails from blogspot. I am not complaining though, as the information included in those mails are very useful in dealing with trolls and anonymous buggers. A good feature in fact, but troublesome to newbies.
  • Labels are categories here in WordPress and it is not new for WordPress bloggers. Infact before Blogger 2.0, this was one reason most blogspot users find to migrate to WordPress.
  • The templates available here, in this server are limited, though you get a hell lot of templates if you are installing Wordpress platform on another server. There are also different kinds of plugins or add-ons (or whatever it is) for your WordPress blog, which will make you WordPress blogging more convenient. And, that is one reason for calling WordPress more ‘flexible’  than Blogspot. But, unfortunately you need to have WordPress on another server to use these plugins.
  • Blogging via e-mail is not possible by default. I don’t know whether there are any plugins available to help you in that. If you know any such plugins please comment on it. (EDIT:- Blogging via e-mail is possible in wordpress.com, sorry for the wrong info I posted and please excuse my ignorance.)
  • Blogs at WordPress (in this server) are available via https:// (Secure http). Some more privacy, helpful sometimes when Wordpress site is blocked. Its really a nice thing to have this encrypted connection.
  • This basic installation of WordPress in this server also gives a different blogging experience. It tracks the inbound clicks, out-going clicks, other stats.It even tracks the comments I made with this wordpress account.
  • Tag Surfer is just another cool feature of WordPress which enables you to surf related blogs with similar tags you made in your blog.

The Verdict

Undoubtedly we can say, WordPress is the best especially when you are not blogging for money. WordPress performs at its best when installed on another server. Though, blogspot has its own advantages like ‘blogging through e-mail’ , I go for WordPress for its versatility. And, that is one of the reasons why I opted for WordPress to start my English blog.

And the blogspot bloggers need not worry. In WordPress, there is an option to export their ‘blogs with comments’ into WordPress platform.

UPDATE :- This is another review by smmellott , Google Blogger vs. WordPress. Check that too.

UPDATE:- Read this article, Of Blogging… and About it! by Amit Haralalka

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