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“plzzz do it plzzzzz do it immediately……… Please pass this to all ur friends here are some pakistanis who have started a community ‘V Hate India’ the main pic is of our national flag in black n white…looking at that any Indians blood should burn… We have to stop them. if you cant do much atleast go to this community and click on “report as abuse”, orkut will remove that community after 1000 such reports, www.orkut.com/Community.aspx?cmm=14773994 please pass this 2 all …”

This is the umpteenth time I am getting such ‘please report abuse if you are an Indian’ mails/scraps. The intention is good, and what he/she said is also correct. We have a hell lot of “Anti” communities in Orkut. Be, it Indian, Pakistan, China or America. They exist!

Heard Government of India is going to ban Orkut because of these hate communities in Orkut. Banning Orkut is possible, as well as accessing them after the ban. Some months back, there was a time when blogspot was banned. I came to know about the ban from media and in Orkut communities. I was shocked, whether Kerala got kicked out from Indian territory or what?….as I was still able to access blogspot sites and post comments. Moments later, I realized the fact that, I was using Google web accelerator, which acts like a proxy was doing the job. (Sorry! Government of India, that wasn’t intentional, and I am not an ANTI-INDIAN, a proud INDIAN by birth!!!!)

It was also then, I think the (in)famous ban on the movie ‘Da Vinci Code‘ was imposed (though later it was lifted). But, the download links of the movie, that too DVD quality movie was available all over net at that time. Unfortunately I had a limited data-transfer internet those days (even worser now), which made me to stay back from the DVD quality ‘forbidden fruit’.

I think I am drifting away from the topics. Ah! …. first thing… Will 1000 reports on a community will delete that community? The answer is ‘NO‘…

so you need 10, 000 bogus reports, right sir?” …

abbae! chup….gimme a chance to speak

OK! just one bogus report is more than sufficient. One report made in the RIGHT WAY.

So, what is this right way, saaaar?

Well brother, Orkut will delete any community (or profile) which violates the ToS (terms of Service). I am quoting some of them which are relevant here.

  • submitting Materials that are unlawful or promote or encourage illegal activity.
  • submitting false or misleading information.

Also, when you click ‘Report Abuse’ button, you can see a lot of options and a textbox to enter the ‘REASON’ why you think this community/profile violates ToS. The following are the options in that page,

  • hateful or violent content
  • pornographic image
  • other illegal content
  • using my photos without permission
  • using my copyrighted material

The bold ones are those we can use for against these hate communities.

Also, read the following text carefully, you can see this just above the text-box where you need to type the reason.

Please provide detailed information about the abuse. Include reasons for any content you believe to be illegal. (Note that we may not be able to investigate reports without detailed information).

So, the more detailed your report is, more effective the ‘bogus report’ will be. Else, 1000 or 10000 or even if the complete Orkut members report the community, nothing will happen.

I wanted to convey the following messages,

  1. To the Government of India, it is impossible to ban a particular site. If you really want to, BAN THE INTERNET completely.
  2. To the Orkut users, (the proud Indians especially), YES! we need to delete those stupid-good-for-nothing-communities with useless SHIT. But, the way you are doing is not the right way. You are just wasting your valuable time and ‘even more valuable bandwidth‘ (At least for jobless idiots like me, though for the time being, bandwidth is more valuable than time). Do it the right way, and not only you, we all will be benefited.

Well, in general, if you want to fight against such communities, here are two communities :-

Cheers to the creators (he he he he, first community was started by me)

UPDATE:- Check this post BANNING ORKUT!!! Is it the only solution?? , by arvind.

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