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As mentioned in my previous post, I had changed the color of my blog to protest against the actions of cyber criminal Avinash ~Kottarakara~.

It should be noted that none of Injipennu‘s posts were copied by kerals.com, and she interfered in this problem for Malayalam Blogging Community and many of the affected bloggers didn’t even bother to support or pacify injipennu after those humiliating e-mails and threats. It was really shocking to see Mr. Berly Thomas’ post (It is a spoof, but directed at Injipennu). Mr. Berly Thomas, a journalist at Malayala Manorama* (UPDATE:- Mr. Berly Thomas, who is NOT a journalist at Malayalam Manorama, but a blogger), is quite famous in Malayalam blogosphere for his humor sense and his spoof posts (I am a daily visitor of his blog). But this post have exposed his immature thinking and action which is least expected from a responsible journalist* (UPDATE:- blogger). I have only heard of journalists* (UPDATE:- bloggers) who fought for peoples freedom and rights, who stood for justice and I still have a positive image about them. Just think, when you get time, if such threats came to someone close to you. I hope you won’t create a spoof post at that time too.

There are some posts like this too, I prefer not to answer such stupid posts from an ignorant kiddo. But Mr. Berly Thomas, this is too much. I won’t ask you to ‘paint black’ and join hands with us. But that post of yours was really insulting the efforts and unity of the whole Malayalam Bloggers.

I would like to answer some questions before going to the list.

FAQ1. Why the protest?

Quoting ‘Raj Neettiyath’, an ace Malayalam Blogger,

While protesting our voices may not be heard by kerals.com, or by any officials. But the victims here, or similar ones elsewhere are surely going to hear it, and they will feel our care for them, they will feel stronger to stand against the tides. അമേരിക്കയുടെ ഇറാഖ് അധിനിവേശത്തിനെതിരെ കേരളത്തില്‍ പ്രകടനം നടത്തുന്നത് അമേരിക്കയതുകണ്ടു പേടിക്കുമെന്ന് കരുതിയിട്ടൊന്നുമല്ല, അധിനിവേശത്തിന്റെ ഇരകളെ, അതുപോലെ മറ്റനവധി ഇരകളെ നമ്മുടെ ആ ചെയ്തി തൊടുന്നുണ്ട്, അവരവരുടേതായ പോരാട്ടങ്ങളില്‍ അവര്‍ക്ക് ആത്മവീര്യം പകരുന്ന ചെറുചൂടെങ്കിലും ആകുവാന്‍ ഇത്തരം ശ്രമങ്ങള്‍ക്കു കഴിയുന്നുണ്ട്.

Nothing more to add from my part. The idea is clear. The power of blogs is the buzz created by it and we ARE creating it.

FAQ2. Are’nt you increasing the pagerank and ad revenues of Kerals.com by linking to it?

Not at all. Maybe we are increasing the PR. But that increase in PR and the fame created by the blog actions wont get converted to money, for the following reasons. One is that, Kerals.com and the related sites are going to get shutdown soon for its illegal activities by the authorities. Next that, you can use adblock-plus extension to block ads from their, or any site, if you are using Firefox.

UPDATE:- It seems Google had banned kerals.com’s Google adsense account.

FAQ3. Are you a bunch of Injipennu fans or are you a member of any of the groups in Malayalam Blogosphere or are you against Berly Thomas?

I am a fan of myself, personally speaking. I don’t worship any Injipennu or pepperpennu. The attack against injipennu was as a result of her interference in the copyright infringement by kerals.com (She did it for the sake of whole blogging community and NOT for her). I protest for the attack against a blogger, I will protest even if it was Mr. Berly Thomas in place of Injipennu.

I am not any member of any virtual groups which is said to be existing in Malayalam blogosphere. Supporting injipennu in this issue doesn’t mean that I will support her forever. Similarly, criticizing Berly Thomas doesn’t mean that I will criticize him for his every actions.

FAQ4. Why don’t you resort for a legal petition?

The “black week protest” is a form of extremely peaceful and democratic way of expressing our distress against Kerals.com. Doing so, we are highly optimistic that, the buzz created by us will be heard by the concerned authorities and force them to take an action against the perpetrators. There are technical difficulties for ‘un-affected’ parties like me and most others taking part in the protest to move a legal petition. As per Code of Criminal Procedure, there are two classes of offenses, cognizable and non-cognizable, and hence unless and until the affected parties take it to the court, no legal action can be taken, as all of the offenses are classified under non-cognizable offenses. (Courtesy: Mercutio)

FAQ5. Isn’t it really cheap to bring such political campaigns into blogosphere?

First of all politics is *NOT* cheap and if you think such democratic methods of expressing protest is cheap, India (or any democratic country) is not the right place for you to live. You are not only defaming blogs but the whole philosophy of democracy.

FAQ6. Don’t you think Injipennu is trying to become “joan of boologam“?

NO. I don’t think so. She did the right thing. We all were supposed to do the same. What did Mr. Berly Thomas – ‘the respected journalist‘ (UPDATE:- ‘an ordinary blogger‘) did? As ‘a respected journalist‘ (UPDATE:- ‘an ordinary blogger‘) I expected him to take up the lead role when the copyright violations were first reported. He should have at least mailed kerals.com asking for copy-right violations from his blog. Mr. Berly Thomas have now shown a model to all of budding journalists – “How a journalist should NOT be” * (UPDATE:- Ordinary blogger Berly Thomas have now shown a model to all of budding bloggers – “How a blogger should NOT be”). Any person with a minimum civic sense will show interest in helping his neighbor and thats the only ‘mistake‘ injipennu did.


First they came…

When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I wasn’t a Jew.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

– Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)


Here, I am making a second list of backstabbers, (do check my previous post to see the people supporting injipennu in this issue, and that list is much much bigger than this one)

  1. Berly Thomas (Here is his response to this post)
  2. Annyan
    (A very civilized reply – must read from Annyan, gives a clear idea how he was brought up)

(Hope I won’t have to update this list, and delete already listed entries)

* I hereby express my sincere regrets to blogger Berly Thomas whom I allegedly called a ‘journalist’ and to the journalist community for calling an ordinary blogger by the name ‘journalist’. Let me also express my regrets to the sub-editor Berly Thomas in Malayala Manorama for unnecessarily connecting him (MY own mistake) to blogger Berly Thomas.

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