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NOTE:- This post is not just for Indians, but for every men and women who cares about FREEDOM and SOVEREIGNTY.

(1) This company is infamous for the dirty tricks it played to monopolize the market. (Link1, Link 2, Link 3)

(2) This company is famous for its “idiot-friendly” products which claims to be user-friendly dumbofying smart people.

(3) This company is infamous for its poorly written softwares which crashes every now and then, even during when it was first presented to the world!!!

(4) This company produces softwares which require heavy hardware resources (which benefits the hardware vendors), the output of these can be obtained from free softwares at a much lower hardware configuration.

(5) The products of this company is often affected by virus and similar security threats so often that for being safe you have to reinstall the system once at least a month or a costly anti-virus software which eats up the “available system resources”.

(6) This company played a really cheap trick to get its broken standard get accepted as an ISO standard and is still behind the nations which opposed it.

I am talking about none other than Microsoft. If you are not aware about the dirty tricks played by them, then you, your country and your people are in real trouble.

By adopting a pseudo-open proprietary format like OOXML as a national standard (fortunately it is not ) you are actually risking the freedom and sovereignty of your country. The whole of the government transactions will be using this proprietary standard which forces us to use these closed-source softwares which demands direct costs as well as indirect cost in the form of hardware and “related-required” softwares (like antivirus, anti-spyware, defragmenter, registry maintainer etc).

Microsoft had joined hands with Indian(?) companies like TCS, Infosys and WIPRO to get their broken-format accepted by the BIS (fortunately for Indians, it got rejected).I really felt bad when I saw this post which I think everyone of us should read to under stand the low-business-ethics of Microsoft. Quoting from Prof. Deepak Phatak’s blog.

….Microsoft started filing complaints to various Indian authorities in early March 2008, claiming bias on part of several members of the committee because of their presumed membership of a group called ‘ODF Alliance India’. My Institution and its representatives are part of the group which has been falsely implicated in these complaints. Worse, the complaints have painted these organizations and their representatives, including the Indian delegation which attended the BRM, as acting against the Indian National interests. This is the most derogatory accusation to any Indian, amounting, personally for me at least, to intolerable blasphemy…..
….Microsoft continued to make representations to top Indian leadership, pressurizing them to change the Indian vote. This act, in my opinion, goes well beyond the behavioral boundaries for a non-Indian commercial entity, amounting to interfering with the governance process of a sovereign country….

….My first anguish is the way the name of my colleagues and my Institution, along with names of several others on the committee LITD 15, have been maligned and tarnished by Microsoft. My second anguish is that Microsoft persisted in its attempt to pressurize Indian leadership to change the Indian stand, in spite of the fact that a due process established by the Government had completed its job, recommending no change in the Indian vote. These two things, amongst others, have caused me to lose my peace of mind and my sleep over last two months. I share my thoughts (which sometimes have been rather wild), and my anguish in this section.…..

…..I am aware that I am only a humble teacher. I am aware that Microsoft is a mighty, rich, and powerful company. But if I perceive a threat to my national sovereignty and to her honor, this old teacher will simply pack his pen, and pick up a sword for a mortal combat. I believe many more of my fellow Indians may think of doing likewise. Please be informed that If I am forced to join such a battle, then I will never come back defeated. I may come back only dead. That, Mr Microsoft, is my privilege, and that indeed is my honor.…..

….In this 21st century, India is a unified nation of more than one billion people. My countrymen seek to live happily in a just and civil society full of prosperity, love, and harmony. They seek to share knowledge and technology from all other people of the world. They do want to listen to useful advice from every quarter. Come and discuss business and let us negotiate a win-win deal. Do discuss technology and knowledge, and we will be eager to have mutually beneficial relationships. Do discuss economic policies, and we will be equal partners in the humanity’s march to prosperity…..

I have lots of friends and relatives, who are slaves of Microsoft Windows who often made fun of me when I talked about “the change”. Please understand that by using Microsoft Windows, be it licensed or pirated, you are risking your freedom and losing a lot of money as direct cost (in purchasing Microsoft Windows), indirect costs (“required-related softwares” and “associated softwares” like office package, movie/music player, internet browser etc) and maintenance charges (which includes cost of reinstalling, data loss during reinstalling, bandwidth charges for anti-virus updation, bandwidth charges which arises from virus related problems etc). Think about the tonnes of money you will be saving (for you and your family) if you shift to free software technology. Yes, it is in fact a SERVICE to your country, to the whole humanity to change to free software and to spread the message. I am pretty much happy that I am doing the same…..

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Some days back, I happen to see this post which boasts the share of M$ products in market. It is really pathetic to see people using the statistical data in an unscientific way (maybe due to their ignorance) to mislead people. In this case, this person has used the statistical data from W3 Schools, to project the market share of Microsoft Windows. At the first sight, upon seeing the stats given by him you will get an impression that M$ Windows is really ruling the market. But after some analysis is done with the raw data, the picture becomes clearer.

First I have added the Windows family for each month (i.e Win 95+Win 98+Win NT+Win 2000+Win XP+Win 2003+Win Vista). I gave them a moderation (for Win 95 in 2008, 2007, 2006 & 2005 and for Win NT in 2008 & 2007), the maximum value of 0.5% if they weren’t listed in the table. This is because the W3 Schools shows only those platforms with market share greater than 0.5%.

The data was available only for alternate months till January 2008, hence I allotted the previous months data whenever the data was absent. Then I plotted graph between the market-shares of M$ Windows family and the rest (GNU/Linux & Mac) from 2003 to 2008.

The results:-

1) Windows Family Growth (?)

Trend of Microsoft Family Operating Systems from 2003 to 2008

From this graph it is clear that the curve has a general negative slope though it stabilizes in the final months, whose future is still in question. The huge share of M$ products in world market is because of the high percentage of software piracy in India and China (which according to some is a conscious attempt by the M$ people, which should be true as they have a dark history of such nasty business tricks)

2) GNU/Linux family growth

Exponential growth of GNU/Linux family from 2003 to 2008

It is quite evident that over the years the number of GNU/Linux users are increasing. The improvements in user interfaces, awareness on FREEDOM of free softwares, flexibility and scalability of free softwares, security and stability of GNU/Linux platforms made the crowd to move to GNU/Linux, even in case of F1 racing where precision and speed are both required without any compromise. In the coming years we can see the exponential rise in the usage of GNU/Linux due to the faster development of the GNU/Linux distros compared to the contemporary ones. The best example is, Ubuntu developed by Canonical is released every six months, still offer better stability, security and facilities compared to the 6 year gap between Microsoft Windows XP and Vista.

3) MAC growth

Growth of MAC systems from 2003 to 2008

No wonder in rise of eye candy Mac systems on a web designer fundae site like W3 schools. The data from the W3 Schools may have been collected from the clicks to the site. But there is no way from the data to correlate the decline in Windows family to individual growth of MAC.


  1. Windows is *NOT* growing.
  2. GNU/Linux and MAC are steadily growing.
  3. You cannot trust the click tracking from such specialized sites, unless they are from sites like Google or Orkut which attracts all classes of people.

I am quoting the words of Benjamin Disraeli which I found in the W3 schools statistics page.

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics”

Future Works: To do some neural network simulation (or some prediction algorithm) to predict the death of Windows. Read this too.

UPDATES: (1) It was just now my firend Srinivas asked me this question “JUNK fellaw, how much time will it take for GNU/Linux to overtake M$ Windows. See, Windows is nearly 90% and GNU/Linux is hardly 5%…
A genuine question, but with an answer…”Not more than 5 years, India was well below Iran at the initial stages of Orkutting, at one stage everyone thought US would overtake Brazil, but now its INDIA overtaking US to claim the second position and soon we will see INDIA on top. WHY? Because of population, software piracy is really high in India and China, which magnifies the market share of Windows. If we move onto GNU/Linux, you can see a drastic rise in GNU/Linux users and a more deeper decline in Windows users

(2) The world’s fastest-growing economies reject Microsoft by Matt Asay

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Don’t think that I am a computer maestro, I am writing this from my experience. Not at all sure about whether this will work or not. But it worked for me, so thought of sharing it here. So, most of you will be thinking now “It is so simple,  just installation of a Unicode font will do it, right?“.


Installing only the Unicode will not be effective in most cases. You will be able to read Malayalam, though the rendering will not be so perfect. Especially the chillaksharams will not be displayed correctly.  If you know Malayalam and have Unicode fonts installed in your computer you can read the following.

ണ്ട ന്റ

If you can read the above perfectly (Those are ണ്ട as in ‘mandan’ or മണ്ടന്‍ and ന്റ as in ‘ente’ or എന്റെ ), then this blog is not for you. If you cant, proceed…

The first reason why you cant read is, very basic, you don’t have the font. Any Unicode font will do the job. But, the most famous one is AnjaliOldLipi.

The second reason, the main intention of this post.You don’t have it configured properly. So, lets do it. Make sure you have Windows XP installation CD with you.


  1. Goto Control Panel.

  2. Double-Click ‘Regional and Language options‘.

  3. Goto ‘Languages‘ tab.

  4. Select the check box (to enable) ‘Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages (Including Thai)‘.

  5. Click ‘OK‘ for all messages and you will be prompted for Windows XP installation CD.

STEP 2 (For IE)

  1. Goto Control Panel.

  2. Double-Click ‘Internet Options‘.

  3. Select ‘General‘ tab.

  4. Click the ‘Fonts‘ button (towards bottom, middle).

  5. From ‘Language Script’ drop-down menu, select Malayalam.

  6. Select ‘AnjaliOldLipi‘ from the list.

  7. Click ‘OK‘ to all messages.

STEP 1 is a MUST and STEP 2 is just a tweak.

Above did the job for me and I don’t have any problems with ‘chillaksharams’ anymore. Another important thing you should note is, use ‘Internet Explorer‘ rather than ‘Mozilla Firefox‘ to read Malayalam pages. Don’t think I am pro-Windows or pro-IE. I will recommend these ONLY for reading Malayalam, hopefully only for the time being. Let the Firefox guys fix the Malayalam rendering bug.

But, Firefox people has a simple, but ‘not that effective’ workaround. By using the add-on, ‘Padma‘, you can minimize the problem but can’t wholly eliminate.

Also, check this post, How to display Malayalam properly in Firefox, by റാല്‍മിനോവ് :: Ralminov :: Ралминов

Another post, unfortunately for new users this one is in Malayalam, 5 ബ്ലോഗിംഗ് നുറുങ്ങുകള്‍ , by Haree | ഹരീ.

Anyway, hail Firefox, hell with Internet Explorer, I am stoppping here. Please add a comment if you have some other workaround to solve the infamous ‘Unicode bug’, or if you found any mistake with my methods or even if this did’nt work for you.

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