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What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the practice of claiming or implying original authorship of (or incorporating material from) someone else’s written or creative work, in whole or in part, into one’s own without adequate acknowledgement. Unlike cases of forgery, in which the authenticity of the writing, document, or some other kind of object itself is in question, plagiarism is concerned with the issue of false attribution. – pR@tz

You just saw a demonstration on “how to plagiarize” . That section was taken from a Wikipedia article on plagiarism. Plagiarism is a common phenomenon among the newbie bloggers. But what you are going to read in a few moments will be the best ever example of plagiarism in India.

Few days back it was first noticed by a Malayalam blogger,

This is the second time in history of Malayalam blogosphere that they are dealing with plagiarists. First time it was against the internet giant, Yahoo! and now it is kerals.com.

Really unfortunate, Kerals.com. You did it wrong, right from the beginning and if you are behaving like this, you are really going to pay for it. Lets look how will the law react to Kerals.com, if any of the bloggers take it to the court. The act of plagiarism a punishable criminal offense as per Section 63 of Copyright Act, 1957, India according to which you are punishable for a minimum of 6 months imprisonment and Rs. 50,000 fine and if you are found committing the same crime again you are punishable for 1 year imprisonment and 1 lakh Rupee fine.

He/she/they are gonna be a pauper and going to count the bars for rest of his/her/their if whole of the Malayalam blogger community respond to the issue in their real strength.

Plagiarists can loot your blog too as long as it is online. So start responding, put up a copyright notice now itself. I have made my  blogs available to public using Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license which allows anyone to use the contents in my blog wherever they want in any form, but they should attribute the original author (from where they took the content) and pass over the rights they enjoyed to others.

More on the issue:- (1)  Banned from reading my content by രാജ് നീട്ടിയത്ത്

(2) Content theft by Kerals.com by Thulasi Kakkat

(3) Bootlegging bloggers posts, Shame on you Kerals dot com by മയൂര

(4) Are you a thief Mr. www.kerals.com by കണ്ണൂസ്‌

(5) ചോദിച്ചാല്‍ തരുമായിരുന്നല്ലോ കേരള്‍സേ… by സതീശ് മാക്കോത്ത് sathees makkoth

(6) Content Theft by Kerals.com by അരവിന്ദ് :: aravind

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Yeah! the vampire girl had bitten me again with a tag and I am supposed to bite 5 others. This time the meme is on,

(1) Posting about 5 different characters you hate.

(2) Passing on the tags to 5 different bloggers (muhahahaha)

So, 5 classes of people I hate the most.

  1. Religious Fundamentalists – Nice to see that Amooma too have the same class of people in her ‘hate list’. I hate all kind of people who believe in religion. I have seen many people boasting about their religion and religious texts saying “what science have proved today was there in our texts even before 1400/2000/5000 years (as the case is)”. Please don’t waste your life by thinking and following such crap. It is blasphemous to not to use the brain given by him rather than denying a religious text book created by a mortal. (I know it is impossible for a theist to prove the existence of god and for an atheist to prove it otherwise)
  2. “Politically neutral”There are this class of people who claim “they hate politics” and they are neutral to politics and they don’t support any political party. C’mon dude, if you don’t belive any political party, if you are not aware of different political philosophies, if you are ignorant about their political acitvities, then you are not fit to live in a democratic country, you don’t have the right to criticize or complain about government policies.
  3. “Linux-phobics” – I meet lots of this kind these days, even here at the institution where I study now which is world famous for its high quality academics. I won’t complain, it is just the educational system which promoted the use of proprietary softwares which made them the slaves of M$ Windows. But when they say “Linux is so tough” or “Linux doesn’t have any useful softwares” I can feel a vibration rising up from my toe. First thing is, the name of the OS is GNU/Linux. Linux is just the name of the kernel and most of the major components of the operating system was developed by GNU and hence the system has to be called GNU/Linux and not just Linux. Secondly, GNU/Linux will be more user friendly than M$ Windows for a person who uses computer for the first time in his/her life. Can you tell a place other than in M$ Windows where you goto START button to STOP (shutdown) the computer? How can you call this unique ‘feature’ a user friendly one? Where on earth you will have all the necessary packages get installed by default (you don’t even have to install the drivers in most of the cases) other than in GNU/Linux.  Simpler things may not always be easiest one. I am quoting these words from my previous postGNU/Linux may not be user friendly, but for sure it is not IDIOT-FRIENDLY
  4. Reality Show fan boys – We all know that it is NOT real. Everything is planned even before the contestants are selected. What is the use in participating or supporting the contestants (SMS, e-mail or whatever). Why can’t you people use that money to call me instead? 😀
  5. Blogging = Personal Diary = Advertisements – Oh! please don’t say that anymore. It is no more a personal diary. Blogging is the future medium of communication. It will soon challenge the existence of the traditional media. People all around the world can transmit/receive news in no time. The interactivity feature (via comments)  make this medium much more stronger than the traditional ones. It is really a relief to the common man to see the real news in the real way in real time. Traditional media are often biased by their sources of revenue and their political backing. There is no other way other than to blindly trust the report if you haven’t seen the incident in real. You don’t have the option to comment on the report if you have seen the incident and the report is biased. But when it comes to blogging, where I can publish the news around me and people can respond on the news item, where I don’t have to satisfy the interests of any parties, I can say that it is the future media. People often refer this to Citizen Journalism. Now there are people who use their blogs as a means of revenue by publishing either content based ads or they even write for the money! Such people are compromising the quality of blogging as well as the authenticity and POWER of the future medium!!!!…. DARN! … I too used to have this ads on my blogs! (and they had banned me… 😀 )

Now the TAGS….. (I have made it 7, because I am a stronger vampire than amooma 😉 )

  1. My BTech class mate who is a damn  😦 😦 🙂 😦  😦 🙂 😦 😦 (I hate edits 😦 ) – Renji John
  2. My junior at school/college who owns an ad rich blog (grrrrr…) – Guy in the middle
  3. My friend ***** ***** (I don’t know whether I can reveal his/her name, lemme ask him/her first 😉 ) who at last,  started blogging seriously.
  4. കുട്ടി-kutty – He/she is still a mystery 😉
  5. Krishnadev – my student, yeah you heard it right “my STUDENT”… 🙂
  6. Hari – who chose the red pill
  7. Abhi – The Royal Mexxian

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Some days back, I happen to see this post which boasts the share of M$ products in market. It is really pathetic to see people using the statistical data in an unscientific way (maybe due to their ignorance) to mislead people. In this case, this person has used the statistical data from W3 Schools, to project the market share of Microsoft Windows. At the first sight, upon seeing the stats given by him you will get an impression that M$ Windows is really ruling the market. But after some analysis is done with the raw data, the picture becomes clearer.

First I have added the Windows family for each month (i.e Win 95+Win 98+Win NT+Win 2000+Win XP+Win 2003+Win Vista). I gave them a moderation (for Win 95 in 2008, 2007, 2006 & 2005 and for Win NT in 2008 & 2007), the maximum value of 0.5% if they weren’t listed in the table. This is because the W3 Schools shows only those platforms with market share greater than 0.5%.

The data was available only for alternate months till January 2008, hence I allotted the previous months data whenever the data was absent. Then I plotted graph between the market-shares of M$ Windows family and the rest (GNU/Linux & Mac) from 2003 to 2008.

The results:-

1) Windows Family Growth (?)

Trend of Microsoft Family Operating Systems from 2003 to 2008

From this graph it is clear that the curve has a general negative slope though it stabilizes in the final months, whose future is still in question. The huge share of M$ products in world market is because of the high percentage of software piracy in India and China (which according to some is a conscious attempt by the M$ people, which should be true as they have a dark history of such nasty business tricks)

2) GNU/Linux family growth

Exponential growth of GNU/Linux family from 2003 to 2008

It is quite evident that over the years the number of GNU/Linux users are increasing. The improvements in user interfaces, awareness on FREEDOM of free softwares, flexibility and scalability of free softwares, security and stability of GNU/Linux platforms made the crowd to move to GNU/Linux, even in case of F1 racing where precision and speed are both required without any compromise. In the coming years we can see the exponential rise in the usage of GNU/Linux due to the faster development of the GNU/Linux distros compared to the contemporary ones. The best example is, Ubuntu developed by Canonical is released every six months, still offer better stability, security and facilities compared to the 6 year gap between Microsoft Windows XP and Vista.

3) MAC growth

Growth of MAC systems from 2003 to 2008

No wonder in rise of eye candy Mac systems on a web designer fundae site like W3 schools. The data from the W3 Schools may have been collected from the clicks to the site. But there is no way from the data to correlate the decline in Windows family to individual growth of MAC.


  1. Windows is *NOT* growing.
  2. GNU/Linux and MAC are steadily growing.
  3. You cannot trust the click tracking from such specialized sites, unless they are from sites like Google or Orkut which attracts all classes of people.

I am quoting the words of Benjamin Disraeli which I found in the W3 schools statistics page.

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics”

Future Works: To do some neural network simulation (or some prediction algorithm) to predict the death of Windows. Read this too.

UPDATES: (1) It was just now my firend Srinivas asked me this question “JUNK fellaw, how much time will it take for GNU/Linux to overtake M$ Windows. See, Windows is nearly 90% and GNU/Linux is hardly 5%…
A genuine question, but with an answer…”Not more than 5 years, India was well below Iran at the initial stages of Orkutting, at one stage everyone thought US would overtake Brazil, but now its INDIA overtaking US to claim the second position and soon we will see INDIA on top. WHY? Because of population, software piracy is really high in India and China, which magnifies the market share of Windows. If we move onto GNU/Linux, you can see a drastic rise in GNU/Linux users and a more deeper decline in Windows users

(2) The world’s fastest-growing economies reject Microsoft by Matt Asay

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This was a comment in response to a post made by Binu Mathew Pulimoottil.

don’t know why?? Why I hate the communist party this much, I am using this article for getting an answer. I will say some things or my thoughts about communist party some times it is rubbish or some times it’s not true for the comrades for that comrades…forgive me my dear comrade and don’t kill me ;)

A real communist is a humanitarian. So no need of worry.

1) Communist Have no GOD

What if someone doesn’t believe in god? An atheist and you have the same right to preserve and spread his beliefs. If it is wrong to be an atheist, it is equally wrong by the missionaries to spread the religion. So this point by you is really DUMB!!!!!

2) They used to have some Crocodile Tears about poor and working class both of this two are interlinked , but I am asking you comrades, excluding Cuba. Any other country where community party got power, try to destroy this devil name poverty?? Look at China, Russia. Where the communist comrades used to say as there heaven there also the communist don’t work properly to remove poverty

You are really ignorant. Tell me which government in Kerala took care of the middle and lower class people other than the communist governments. It is ONLY the land reform acts and the educational policies of the first communist government which brought up the middle and lower class people to main stream. If it was not the communist then Kerala would have ended up just like any backward north-indian state.

You are saying ‘communist don’t work properly to remove poverty’. Thanks to accept that they are at least working. And tell me how many rightist leaders *actually* worked for removing poverty?….maybe A K Antony, V M sudheeran and a few. Leaders like Oommen Chandy and K M Mani were never bothered about the problems of common man.

3) In India, Especially at kerala the comrades are saying that the developments are not good for country because this development and globalization is the product of USA,
What is this?? Is the people in USA are not Humans or if they have some thing special comparing with people of China and Russia???

Did you consumed opium????…. who said that (”that the developments are not good for country”)…. developments should be planned very well and only then they are to be implemented (remember the golden words “plan patiently, implement impatiently”). most of the ’so-called’ developments by the rightist governments and their policies are against the interest of India and its people.

If you remember the war against China was in fact as a result of pro-capitalists and pro-americans in Indian politics. Even after the panch-sheel pact by Pundit Nehru with China, it was our mistake which caused the war. If it did not have happened, then China would have been the best companion of India in this region in all issues including the Kashmir problem.

4) In Kerala, the youth wing of CPI (M), DYFI, earlier fight against the implementation of computerization in the entire department under government and starting of new IT Parks in State this revolution thought was brought by UDF Government of that time.
I am asking to Young comrades, if that project is not implemented in the state what will be the present condition of our state?? And the present condition of the youth in the state? Do you ever noticed that by the help of this ‘Nasty’ computer filed lot of Family got there life much better than earlier, You all made this ‘Great’ fight because of one reason and that’s known to all the people in kerala, the reason is simple. If the poverty is gone from the state then there will no comrades for you

I accept this point, Indian communists have done a lots of mistakes including the rejection of Calcutta theses.

5) Copy Cat Policy is another way of your working, I will say an example. This example was happened in Kerala, and the Actor of this Story is Comrade VS, while he was the opposition leader of Umman Chandi Ministry. He made lot of arguments against Sri Umman Chandi, CM of Kerala regarding the Project Smart City, Express Highway and ADB Loan. Presently Comrade VS is the CM of Kerala Now He implemented Smart City Project and ADB Loan was taken for Co-operation. At this time some Press People asked about this, from that time onwards The Press People are Spy of CIA. What a world is this???

It is not a copy-cat policy. The deal by the OOmmen Chandy government was not in a proper shape and was detrimental to the interest of the state. The new deal, which was made by the Achuthanandan government has a more positive impact on the states interests.

I accept the ADB loan part…..

6) They are trying to get more comrades; the comrades have a problem they trying to implement no god concept, and in the school under Christian ministry are trying making the child in good path and they are trying to gave students good future with out looking there moral, money, religion side. So they will not allow any political parties or their students’ wing to work in the campus because they know that students or youth from the age 15-30 is time period where students want more care, knowledge about the real world and good education. But if they go to politics there future will spoil. So the communist party trying to give a beat to Christian school and those has doing the same pattern. For doing this they made M.A baby as the minister of Education. If he is the minister Christians cannot able to say that he is from different religion so that he is trying to make his religion and there college’s well. What an Idea is this??? And we should think one thing too, Though M.A Baby Is Christian, he is a communist and a communist have no god. They have a thought that only they have brain

People who reading this articles I am begging you to add your comment in this. Please send me your comment, because this also affects your life

this final point of yours (and the first point) underlines the fact that you are a christian fundamentalist!…there is no point in preaching you…. you are doomed congenitally.. (I am not generalizing the whole christian population, but *ONLY* the fundamentalists like the author and the [in]famous christian clergymen of Kerala) do you really think the clergymen really believe in Holy Bible???…. If they had believed that sinners would go to hell, they would’nt be doing all these ‘education business’/’hospital business’ whatsoever. The best service to god is serving humanity…. but these days, the clergymen serves *ONLY* Christianity….not the humanity…. do you have any points to prove it otherwise?????

A humble request to the author…. please do a lot of research before posting something like this… this is not at all a good article…. try to improve…. both in content and language….

all the best…. god bless you…


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